Hardwood/Laminate Flooring

We can install hardwood flooring as well as other types of flooring such as laminate, pvc, pergola, and vinyl plank.

We use the best quality products we can find, such as QuickStep Laminates, NatureTek, NatureTek Plus and NatureTek Select.  For PVC, we like Nextfloor.

Most of the big box stores can’t offer the same quality of products. From the clicking systems of the laminate and pvc to the quality of hardwood, we want to make sure that our customer is offered the highest quality of product. With our expert floor preparation and installation, this gives our customers the best possible, longest-lasting results.

We offer hardwood in multiple plank widths, color stains and species of wood, from red and white oak to bamboo, maple and hickory.  We work with nothing but the highest quality brands.

We have solid and engineered wood as well.  We can get all matching transitions and custom made stair treads to match, to give your home a consistent look.

We work with a variety of styles and colors of laminate flooring, from Quick-step NatureTek Plus and Select. They are known for the solid click-lock systems, high quality materials that withstand more traffic and take a beating more than any other product out there.

We work with waterproof laminate as well, which is a step above most of their competitors in technology.  All flooring has matching transitions to finish off the look of the room and move from one room to another smoothly.  Some products come with the attached underlayment and some without, in which case we use a high quality moisture and sound barrier.

We work with high-quality pvc flooring and luxury vinyl flooring planks that come in wood or stone look, are free floating, mildew and mold resistant and also have an incredible locking system.  These locking systems are important (the same as the laminate flooring) because it keeps a tighter hold, preventing them from lipping, chipping, curling or allowing any foreign particles to make their way beneath them.  Our most frequently used product is Nextfloor, which, like the wood, laminate and carpet we use, can only be purchased through a distributor.